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About Public Sewer Service

About Us

In today's economy, dealing with a large and reputable sewer service company in NJ like Public Sewer Service offers many advantages. Some of the benefits include cost effectiveness, multiple sewage services, dependability, accountability and better controls. Public Sewer Service specializes in setting up sewer maintenance programs in NJ to ensure cost savings and unparalleled, quality sewer service.

Our sewer service professionals have over 60 years of experience in sewer system maintenance in NJ. This grants them the expertise required to solve any and all sewer service problems efficiently and effectively.

For 24/7 sewer service in NJ or emergency sewer service in NJ, contact Public Sewer Service at 1-800-508-8264. We are available every day of the year.

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About Public Sewer Service NJ | About Sewage Company NJ