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Hydro Excavation Service

Public Sewer Service specializes in hydro excavation in NJ. This method uses water and air to excavate underground utilities. It is an efficient, safe and cost effective method of sewer line and pipe line excavation, water line and electrical line excavation, manhole excavation, concrete basin excavation, and fiber optic/phone line excavation in NJ. With this method of excavating, you can avoid the tremendous financial liabilities, inconvenience and company embarrassment of damage done to utility lines.

Hydro excavation is rapidly becoming the preferred method within many industries for exposing the threat from live underground services, and can also greatly increase productivity over hand dig methods and the use of heavy machinery.

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We Provide Hydro Excavation Services:

  • Indoor Water Excavation Service
  • Utilities Excavation Service
  • Elevator Pits Water Excavation Service
  • Piling Hole Dig-Ups Service
  • Drilling/Boring Applications Service
  • Basin/Manhole Excavation Service
  • Frozen Ground Excavation Service
  • Daylighting & Potholing Service
  • Trench Shoring Service
  • Substations Cleaning Service
  • Utility Trenching Service
  • Equipment Trenches Construction Service
  • Debris Removal Service
  • Slot Trenching Service
  • Drainage Ditches Service
  • Locating Utilities Service
  • Foundation Repairs Service

For 24/7 hydro excavation service in NJ or emergency hydro excavation service in NJ, contact Public Sewer Service at
1-800-508-8264. We are available every day of the year.

Public Sewer Service

Sewer main/systems maintenance in NJ is very complicated and delicate work that requires professional sewer service technicians to handle it. Public Sewer Service’s team has 60 years of experience that provides them with the knowledge and skills necessary to tackle any hydro excavation service challenge head-on and solve them.

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We make it easy to schedule a service call for hydro excavation. If this is an emergency, please call us at
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Sewer Line Excavation NJ | Hydro Excavation Service NJ | Emergency Sewer Services NJ