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Sewer & Water Main Repairs

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Public Sewer Service specializes in sewer main/systems cleaning, TV inspections, sewer system repairs and sewer main systems construction in NJ. Our sewer technicians and service staff are trained and certified in every aspect of sewer main systems construction and water main line repairs including OSHA approved water main excavations in NJ, sewer main tunneling in NJ, sewer main/water main boring in NJ, no dig technologies, TV sewer inspections and sewer entry in NJ.

Public Sewer Service offers the most economical method of sewer repair in NJ and there is no sewer problem too small or too large that we cannot handle. Our strategically located offices offer immediate service, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

We Provide Sewer & Water Main Services:

  • Broken Sewer & Water Main Repairs in NJ
  • No-Dig & Pipe Bursting Technology in NJ
  • Sonic Leak Detection Service in NJ
  • Parking Lot Drainage Repair Service in NJ
  • Manhole Repair Service in NJ
  • Catch Basin Repair Service in NJ
  • Road Work & Sewer Repair Service in NJ
  • Sewer & Water Line Replacement in NJ
  • Post Indicator Valves & Fire Hydrants Repairs/Replacements in NJ

For 24/7 sewer/water main repairs in NJ or emergency sewer/water main repairs in NJ, contact Public Sewer Service at 1-800-508-8264. We are available every day of the year.

Public Sewer Service

Sewer main/systems maintenance in NJ is very complicated and delicate work that requires professional sewer service technicians to handle it. Public Sewer Service’s team has 60 years of experience that provides them with the knowledge and skills necessary to tackle any sewer and water main repairs. service challenge head-on and solve them.

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Sewer Repair Service NJ | Water Main Repair NJ | Sewer System Cleaning NJ